Monday, January 30, 2006

Top Ten Reasons the Kerry Filibuster of the Alito Nomination is as Hot as the Sun*

*whether it succeeds or not!

10. Pissed off John Kerry = gorgeous John Kerry!

9. Who else in Washington has the power to make Bill Frist, the Bush GOP spin machine, and the mainstream media administration lapdogs gnash their teeth in such petulant frustration?

8. Kerry's performance in his Senate floor speech on Friday proves that Mr. Smith is STILL in Washington.

7. Multitasking leading a filibuster with attendance among the American contingent at the World Economic Conference in Davos swathes this particular filibuster in a glamourous air of International Intrigue.

5. For those of us who didn't get to see him run his boat up onshore and charge the enemy, this is the next best thing.

4. John Kerry is ready for his closeup! See the video at

3. He took up this fight when NO ONE ELSE would. What's hotter than that?

2. A fired up liberal base is tying up the phone lines of Senators who have been very, very naughty. (But if they want anything extra, they'd better vote against

1. This is what he meant when he said he would never stop fighting for us.


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