Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bird-Doggin': How You Can Help

When somebody passed me a link to a site devoted to Bird-Dogging John Kerry, I was effing ESTATIC. Finally, I thought, there are throngs of Kerrymaniacs throwing their panties and screaming "SHOW US YOUR TIE! SHOW US YOUR TIE!" when the Senator walks by. Finally, fangirls who live too far away are too ladylike for such shenanigans have a voice!

Not so, it would seem. Apparently, the bird-doggers in question like to hang out near his office, claim he's pro-war (he's not), and hope that Greens and Libertarians will form an alliance and take over the world or something.

So, you know, that's fine, because this is America, and we have laws to protect protest, no matter how puzzling and dork-like.

But may I just say that, where I come from, bird-doggin' - apologies to the Green/Libertarian alliance, but the final "g" should be, if not left off all together, silent - is NOT about politics, except in cases in which the bird-dogger thinks politics are a turn on. Which they are.

Ladies of Boston, I'm disappointed in you. Where ARE you? You're clearly not yelling yourselves hoarse over Johnny Damon anymore, and that Junior Senator of yours isn't getting any shorter. Just saying.

(Although, if you do end up hanging around the Kerry offices, undergarments in hand, for the love of God, don't tell them I sent you. If I get in trouble for bird-doggin' Senators, I want to at least BE there.)


At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Ashley said...

I'm a Boston-based Kerry fangirl! Once I took a walk past his house and he was pulling up in his car and I sort of choked and ran over and stuttered and said "JOHN KERRY! I have your initials tattooed on my back!"

I sort of felt like a crazy stalker. It was AWESOME.

Boston Kerry fangirls really do need to represent, though. He's like, RIGHT UP THE STREET.


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