Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ten (More!) Reasons to Love John Kerry

This weekend, Senator Kerry was in New Hampshire to raise some election-year dough for Nashua and Hillsborough County Democrats, and we were... well, not. But we were watching on C-SPAN, and I even did a little transcribing. I'm not including the whole speech here - you can check it out for yourself on the C-SPAN website - but just a few points from our Man With The Plan:

So I’ve had enough of the talk. I’ve had enough of the hand-wringing. It’s time to go out there and just put it squarely on the table for people. And for those people who say, “Gee, we don’t have a plan,” or “They don’t have a plan” or something, here’s a little ten point plan for you, pretty quick.

Here’s number one: Obey the law, and protect civil rights in this country.

Number two: Tell the truth, and tell it to Americans all the time.

Number three: Number three, fire the incompetents.

Number four: Chase the money lenders and changers from the temple of democracy and reclaim it for the grassroots of this nation.

Number five: Bring our troops home from a stable Iraq - which we can do – as fast as possible.

[Number six:] Find Osama Bin Laden and protect the ports and other facilities of the United States of America.

[Number seven:] Stop stabilizing big oil, and stop blaming the American people for being addicted to oil when it’s this administration that is addicted to oil. And we need to commit ourselves to alternative and renewable fuels.

[Number eight:] Make access to healthcare affordable for all Americans, not as a matter of privilege and ability to pay, but as a matter of right for being an American citizen.

[Number nine:] Reduce the deficit, which is, after all, a conservative thing to do, and rather the difference from this radical group that are doubling it, tripling it, adding to the deficit in trade and adding to our children’s debt while they make irresponsible choices about the future and we must define and respect work over wealth. That’s an important principle for this country.

[Number ten:] And finally, fight for American jobs, jobs here in America that are high value-added jobs that will open up the doors to the future.

These are the things we’re fighting for. And as Democrats, I’m proud to go out anywhere in this country, anytime - red state, blue state, purple state - and talk to the people in this nation and connect those dots so people in this nation understand it is time to say we’re fed up with the incompetence, we’re tired of the lies, we want to lead this nation to the greatness it deserves. We understand how to get there. We have a plan to get there. We’re going to get there. That’s our duty and our obligation, and we can’t WAIT for 2006 to make it happen!


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