Friday, March 10, 2006

Tie Day: Flags and Stars Edition

Well, it's been a busy week for Senator Kerry, and, as usual, I can't keep up, but I'll take a few moments away from my frenzy of Making Stuff to pay tribute to other people who Make Stuff - in this case, the people who make the Senator's unconscionably attractive neckties.

Happy Tie Day to All!

The Tie: See figure at left.

The color: Red. Red = power tie in Washington, and is not a fangirl favorite generally speaking, but I happen to love JK in red. Every time he wore a red tie to a debate with President Bush, I always figured he'd won a coin flip or something, because who would voluntarily wear a blue tie to a national debate? And while JK looks great in red, THK looks really great in red, and I do think that if you're going to be in public life, it's fairly important to be able to be photographed with your spouse in outfits that coordinate without making you look like the Osmonds, or like you're on your way to a Junior League Brunch, or like you married your cousin or something. Where was I going with this? Oh, yes: the tie is red, and red is very, very good.

The pattern: Again, flags. To be more specific, the designers have named this print "Flags and Stars," which pretty much says it all.

The designer: Vineyard Vines. VV is just the kind of small Massachusetts business the Senator loves to support, so we'll be talking about a lot of their designs in the coming weeks. With their whimsical and infintely cartoony patterns, VV sort of strikes me as Lilly Pulitzer for Yankee males, and that suits me fine. JK hardly needs to be seen in anything so in-your-face-fruit-punchy as Lilly, whereas I would never wear the watered-down VV seahorses when I could dress up in full-on Palm Beach technicolor insanity.

Shown here during: The Senator wears this tie all the time, including on the cover of the November 2004 issue of Rolling Stone. I did wonder for a long time whether the Senator might have chosen something less, well, twee for his RS photoshoot, but that didn't stop me from framing the magazine and hanging it over my desk. It's also been spotted on former President Clinton and NYC mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani. It's not particularly expensive, which is good news for those of you considering running for office or being an ex-office-holder in New York, because it appears to be the required uniform.

Ranking: Hmm. Still no ranking system for the ties, but John Kerry totally looks better in it than all those other guys who own it. So there you go.
Stupid Democrafty Nickname for Future Reference: I think I'll skip this one this week. I mean, it's Flags and Stars. Although, now I kind of think of it as "Twee Flags and Stars" in my head, so let's just say that either will be correct.

If you see John Kerry wearing this tie: You're probably also ogling back issues of Rolling Stone.

What we think Tim Gunn would say about this one:Due to the tie's prominence in NY politics, unfortunately, Tim would probably offer a highly critical, "Where have I seen this before?"


At 11:42 AM, Blogger Kerryvisionary said...

My new favorite phrase is "in-your-face-fruit-punchy." I keep repeating it in my mind over and over and it makes me feel all fizzy and happy!

The tie graphic is just gripping and the Rolling Stone cover is even more stunning than I'd remembered!!!

At 10:16 PM, Anonymous wisteria said...

I love the pieces on Senator Kerry's ties. I can't explain it, I just think they are amusing.

Oh, I enjoyed the updates on ANWAR and the 10 Point Plan also.

To all of you who put this together,you have a great blog. The subject of the blog isn't bad either.


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