Friday, March 31, 2006

Tie Day: Vacation Edition

I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow, because, I, like the Senators, feel entitled to a fortnight of vacation this spring. Unfortunately, it is not the plane pictured here, but you can't have everything. In honor of my departure, I chose a very special vacation-related tie.

The Tie: An alternating, repeating pattern of a cartoonish aerial view of Nantucket Island, location of one of JK's vacation homes, and a frolicking cartoon whale. It's called "Nantucket Isle and Whale."

The color: Blue. It comes in many colors, but, as you can see, the Senator likes it in light blue. Let the swooning begin.

The designer: Vineyard Vines. Who else?

Shown here during: The press stakeout outside the White House, following the signing legislation to put a Rosa Parks statue in the Capital. Also seen on Face the Nation.

Ranking: I can't imagine that I'll ever figure out how to rank these. Personally, I have no feeling about Nantucket, having never been there, so I'm ambivalent about that aspect of the design. I do, however, appreciate the non-threatening depiction of one of the world's largest mammals. I can tell you, though, if real whales splish-splash so close to actual Nantucket, I am NEVER going there on vacation. Speaking of which...

Stupid Democrafty Nickname for Future Reference: ...thanks to this post, I'll always think of this as the Vacation Tie. Not that anyone would wear a tie on vacation. I just find the imagery symbolic.

If you see John Kerry wearing this tie: Hmm, not sure. My instinct is to instruct everyone to state that they're not only fine with those pics of the Senator windsurfing, but those pictures were fine. As in, you know, um, foxy. But since that might be uncomfortable for, oh, ANYONE, you could always serenade him with "Vacation" by the GoGos. That would hardly be annoying at all!

What we think Tim Gunn would say about this one: Vineyard Vines AGAIN? To which I would say, "Screw you, Tim Gunn." Harsh words, I know, for America's favorite professor/reality tv star, but geez, Tim. I mean, if it ain't broke...


At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Ingrid said...

It's really too bad that there is only one Tie Day a week, as I find the Tie Day writings are hilariously funny :-)

Give us more !

At 12:22 PM, Blogger Kerryvisionary said...

In DC's absence, I will thank you on her behalf. You won't get the same level of charm while she's gone, but you will, I hope, see something next Tie Day!

Thank you for commenting!!! :-)


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