Wednesday, April 26, 2006

HOT off the presses: A totally frivolous guide to John Kerry in the media.

Since keeping up with media coverage of Senator Kerry in any serious way tends to take up more patience and hard work than I can usually manage, I decided to keep up with media coverage of Senator Kerry in a completely non-serious way. I hope you will enjoy. And if you learn something, don't blame me!

Sunday: C-SPAN aired John Kerry's major speech from the day before on patriotism, dissent, and the war in Iraq. What you need to know is that it's a total barn burner, not least of all because the Senator + good lighting = instant palpitations.

The Senator also appeared on This Week with the formerly cute George Stephanopolous. (Sorry, George, but now that I've seen you across the table from the subject of this blog, you just don't impress me anymore.) What you need to know is that this pic is okay, but the video is a must see.

Monday: John Kerry called in to the Ed Schultz Show to show off his general radness. What you need to know is that discussion of good environmental policy gets his heart "soaring." HOW CUTE IS THAT??? If you have iTunes, try to get all available clips of Ed's 4/26 show. They include, in addition to a nice interview with Senator Dorgan, an ex-conservative caller who hopes one John Kerry will run for president again, so he can vote correctly next time around.

Speaking of conservatives, ex- and otherwise, on Monday, Philip Seymour Hoffman look-alike and Bill and Ben Nelson mixer-upper Hugh Hewitt claimed on The Colbert Report that Kerry, Dean, and Pelosi are the leaders of Democratic Party. (Yes, the remark was disdainful, but when my aim is frivolity, I'll take what I can get.) What you need to remember is that Senator Kerry is not an official member of the party leadership. He's just a regular old Senator who kicks booty out of the goodness of his soaring, grammar-geek heart.

Tuesday: John Kerry appeared on NPR's Talk of the Nation. What you need to know is that, in a moment of intense, Rummy-induced frustration, the Senator demands, "Who's kidding who? I mean, whom???" I promise you will sigh mellifluously. Le geek, c'est chic, non?

Wednesday: James Boyce blogged on the HuffPo. He hasn't yet posted the words "I love John Kerry," but what you need to know is that, I bet with some prodding...

Coverage of the rest of the week will follow when the rest of the week gets here. In the mean time, make sure you look at all the videos and download all the audio clips. You never know when I'll get REALLY crazy and administer a quiz.



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