Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Gosh, this is making for strange bedfellows!"

Since today is apparently strange bedfellows day, I thought we could keep on with the "Fun with Fox News" for one more entry.

Ed Schultz had this to say on Rupert Murdoch's slated fundraiser for Senator Hillary Clinton, transcribed by me in orange to match Big Eddie's hair:

"Could you imagine John McCain or Bill Frist going over and having a fundraiser with MoveOn.org? I can't even get that out without laughing! I mean, this is the ultimate in forgiveness. This brings possible redemption to a new level. The big story - and there's going to be more talk about this, because a lot of folks on the left, a lot of folks who are liberal Dems who are wondering what the party is all about [are] saying, "You know, Hillary's too far to the center, in fact, she's been going to the right."

In case you hadn't heard, Rupert Murdoch, who is the owner of - well, the media mogul, I mean, he owns Fox - he's going to throw a fundraiser for Hillary. And I know how this is going to be received by some Americans out there who are trying to figure this whole political thing out right now. Gosh, this is making for strange bedfellows! I think this is going to alienate as many people as it's going to recruit...

This is where I draw the line. I have no love for Fox, and I know lefties don't, either... I'll never forget what Fox did to John Kerry and the Democrats in '04. I mean, it was a prime time constant bashing eight months out from the election - absolutely relentless. And now look where the country is! I think they influenced a lot of people in the middle of the road. And I think that that kind of media ownership, and that kind of driven agenda, and that kind of a mission is partly responsible for where the hell we are right now!

... Hillary, you don't need Rupert Murdoch."

Click here to listen to the rest of Big Eddie's podcast on this issue.


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