Monday, May 15, 2006

Letting those flowers bloom.

In terms of comments, the Huffington Posters are not much for spreading the Kerry Love that has brought us so much excitement, comfort, and - oh look! A blog of our very own. But when it comes to coming around, those HuffPo bloggers really have been doing their part to remind us that the junior Senator from Massachusetts is still somebody to squee over.

(Or, if you subscribe to that silly notion that nobody in the whole history of the world EVER thought a President Kerry would be a good idea, he is now somebody to squee over. Whatever works for you.)

RJ Eskow address the concerns of his fellow HuffPo bloggers head on - and may I say, very effectively! - right here:

Would it be better for the Democrats and their core principles if Kerry held back and let Gore or Feingold carry the flag? I don't think so. Why not let them compete with each other for the honor? Why not see who can be most effective at delivering the party's message - its real message of justice and fairness - effectively?

Let a hundred flowers bloom, as another political player used to say. Is Kerry the candidate to back? I don't know. I like Gore a lot, and Feingold's taking a lot of good positions. But I also like what I see coming out of Massachusetts lately.

Eskow's point isn't just a good one because I'm an unabashed Kerry lover. It's like BIg Eddie says: you have to focus on the issues. Focusing on something like "electability" may be pragmatic, but is it really a reflection of our true values? When you step back and follow the issues, John Kerry looks better and better. I know this, because I follow the issues, and they led me to, well, unabashed Kerry love.


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