Friday, May 19, 2006

Tie Day: Tassel Edition

It's graduation season, which means lots of things, and if you're reading this, you probably know what all or most of them are.

If you liked John Kerry's speech at Emerson University, you're in luck, because this weekend, he's giving another one. You can watch it live during the Kenyon College webcast, this Saturday (tomorrow!) 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EST, which means PDT disco dollies like myself have to decide whether to stay up all night tonight so as not to miss the ceremony, or show up to graduation with a hangover.

You know, just like college.

I know I'll be tempted to sleep through the whole thing, especially since we're already have video of the Senator giving a commencement speech on our very own webspace, BUT! I will endure the aural assault of the Hello Kitty alarm clock and make myself some coffee, because JK will not be the only incredibly amazing person whose picture we like to border gratuitously in Photoshop getting stuff conferred on himself.

Oh, no. Kenyon is doing us one better than Emerson. Not only is Kenyon using their commencement address to - and I believe this is a Senate term - Bring the Tall and Handsome, but, this weekend, Kenyon will truly show the world what to get the couple who has everything:


Yes, it's true. From the Senator's office:
"The College will confer honorary degrees on Senator Kerry; Teresa Heinz Kerry, chairman of the Howard Heinz Endowment and the Heinz Family Philanthropies; and Diane Ackerman, author of nonfiction works including An Alchemy of Mind and A Natural History of the Senses, as well as collections of poetry and several children's nature books."

Is it sad that I am CAPS-LOCK-EXCITED about this? I can't help it. It's adorable! And I realize "adorable" is a relative term, but for a recovering career student like myself, this is practically a big basket of kittens.

Poor Diane Ackerman. I hope she enjoys her accolades enough so as not to feel like the third wheel.

And I hope nobody minds if I don't talk about ties today. It's just not been that kind of week.


At 1:43 PM, Blogger Kerryvisionary said...

I think that would be CAP-AND-GOWN-LOCKED excited...


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