Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's Cocktail Hour Here at We Love John Kerry!

Today the Washington Post printed some fun gossip. Are you ready? John Kerry can eat a lot.

BFD. I am roughly pocket-sized, but I know my way around a bread basket. I think the WaPo approached this story from an entirely boring angle. And since when is the Road to Gluttony paved with radicchio?

The fact that JK and THK like to have cocktails on Thursday, however, is fantastic. I know Democratic drinking is just the sort of thing the RW blogosphere likes to poke fun at, but I find it really delightful and sort of college.

Or maybe it's just a normal, grown-up sort of thing to do. I wouldn't know.

And is it tiresomely obvious for Kerry fangirl to argue for the superiority of the Frenchified mojito, or "momo," over the Cuban version? For aesthtics alone, I adore the momo, and, have always felt that, if you're going to drink, for heaven's sake, you might as well try to be stylish about it.

And so, should you want a beverage as you peruse your blogroll this summery saturday night, here is a recipe for the Very Lovely French Momo:

Start with 6 large mint leaves - chopped a bit if you're a lazy muddler like me - and 2 teaspoons sugar or 1 tablespoon simple syrup. Lightly muddle with a bit of soda water in a mixing glass or shaker. Add 1.5 oz. light rum and the juice of one lime. Shake over ice. Strain into your highball over yet more ice. Add half an ounce of Chambord and let it sink to the bottom. Admire the loveliness of your cocktail. Enjoy, and remember - don't drink and vote!


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