Friday, March 17, 2006

Tie Day: Same Guy, Same Ties, Different Color Commentator

This week: THE FISH! (no, not the green tie for St. Patrick's Day -- we are nothing if not subtle!)

I can't even think of matching Democrafty's breezy, informed charm when it comes to ties, so this week's Tie Day entry will be a change of pace!

I was thinking of writing just a tie-ku and letting the pictures (courtesy of Democrafty's imaging skill!) speak for themselves, but my charming fellow blogger reminded me that a limerick would be HIGHLY appropriate to St. Paddy's Day and even suggested, of all things, a clerihew!

This is definitely one of my favorites among the Senator's ties, and I called dibs on it as soon as Democrafty suggested Tie Day. The only explanation I can find for wearing a tie with fish on it is that it is meant as a gesture of homage and support for one of Massachusetts' traditional industries...! Anyway, I love it and it makes me smile whenever I see it.

Tie doggerel forthwith:

Why fish, Senator?
Could it be a tribute to
Your state's schrod quota?

Clerihew, or should that be Kerryhew?
John Kerry
Seldom sedentary
His ichthyocentric tie
Makes him the cynosure of every eye

A senator hailing from Boston
Wore a tie with fishies embossed on
Although it might seem
A whimsical theme
How dreary should he a madras don!


At 2:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the ties, love the limericks. I guess I'm one of those people who come for the politics and stay for the squee.


At 2:24 AM, Blogger Scott McLean said...

I agree. If one can "love" a politician then maybe I also fall into that category, or at least someone who voted for him for president. Right now many Americans are finding out just how big of a mistake they made in the last presidential election. And some of that does "tie" in to the color "green". By the way, stop by my news weblog. Take care, Scott

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Kerryvisionary said...

Thank you, JKB. Comment much appreciated! Hope you keep visiting us!!!

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Kerryvisionary said...

Thanks, Scott! I did go immediately and visit your most entertaining and informative news blog! Come back and read us when you can!!

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Ingrid said...

"So long, and thanks for all the fish !"

(Sorry I had to write that! :-)

At 7:13 PM, Blogger Kerryvisionary said...

Well, Ingrid, all I can say to that is: I never could get the hang of Tie Days... :-)


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