Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm Democrafty.

I'm a crafty Democrat, and I love John Kerry. I love him because I love integrity, accountability, and impossibly large hands. I love John Kerry because he is the silver-headed beacon of justice who tried so hard to save us from George Bush, Condoleezza Rice, John Bolton, John Roberts, and now, Samuel Alito. I love John Kerry because I love C-SPAN, the network that makes it so easy to ignore the spin and watch, in real time, who's really working for me. I love John Kerry because he restored my patriotism, my sense of citizenship, and my love for the Red Power Tie. I love John Kerry, because, like Garry South said, he "didn't have to marry a frumpy librarian from Midland, Texas, to feel like somebody." I love John Kerry because, if he were president, I know he could bring dignity to the office - and he really WOULD be Baberaham Lincoln!

I love John Kerry because I just do.

I love John Kerry, and so does Kerryvisionary. And this is our blog.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Welcome to our blog!

Hi! I'm Kerryvisionary, but you can call me KV if you don't like typing that many letters... My friend Democrafty and I decided to create this blog to celebrate the John Kerry we grew to admire and love during the 2004 presidential election and have learned to appreciate even more ever since.

This blog will probably not contain a lot of serious political talk, though it will welcome the personal stories and participation of people (maybe you?) who have been inspired and motivated to engage in serious political thought and activism by John Kerry.

What we will emphasize here is our respect and affection for John Kerry, the politician and the person, and our love and respect for his wife, Teresa and his blended family, Vanessa, Alex, John, Chris and Andre.

We plan to have fun here, to indulge in some serious hero worship and (true to our name) share our love for this great man.