Friday, June 02, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen:


Exhibit A:

Did he pick up an Equestrian? An orange Nantucket Isle and Whale? Anyone with information on John Kerry's new tie should contact Democrafty with The Scoop ASAP.

Until larger pictures or more information can confirm the newness of the tie in question, congratulations to Senator Kennedy on his nomination to the Senate. Judging by this pic alone, Massachusetts is really a gorgeous state.

"Our valiant soldiers have done their job."

A month ago, I posted an entry calling for support for John Kerry's plan to withdraw from Iraq.

Today, John Kerry himself issued a similar call. If you don't receive emails from the Senator SIGN UP, ALREADY! the text is up at the Democratic Daily.

I'll call my Senators again, and maybe I'll even have a chance to bug them about it in person when I visit the Capitol in a couple of weeks, but in the spirit of Making Art, Not War, I whipped out the old gluestick and cut up some junk mail and supported SJ Res 36 the best way I knew how: I did crafts.

These are the collages that are going to my Senators' offices today. And they weren't something I specifically designed because I'm naive enough to think a strategically placed Hello Kitty sticker can stop the war, but because I operate under the belief that we're all responsible for finding a way to make citizenship fit into our lives in a way that makes sense to us.

I like John Kerry and I like crafts. So I made a blog and some legislative-themed collages.

Did you do something today for Democracy? Peace? Justice? Leave us a comment about it.