Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Out and About in the Kerryverse: Democrafty interviews DynamicDems

Like all bloggers, we at We Love John Kerry should probably get out more. But we've also discovered that it's tough to maintain a website from, say, a nightclub or a restaurant or the seat of one's bicycle. And while it would be a wonderful thing to connect with more Kerry loyalists in my community, I'm reminded of the time a few weeks ago that I saw a truck parked outside the Safeway with a "Lobstermen for Kerry."

I declared that I was going to hang around and make out with the owner of the truck, just based on his good taste in car decor. But my husband was there, and he had something to say about that - namely, that there was a vast universe of difference between parking next to a truck that reads "Lobstermen for Kerry," and parking with a guy who might handle lobsters all day. And so it was back home to the blogosphere for me.

But because we don't call her "Kerryvisonary" for nothing, with all this in mind, KV came up with the idea of getting Out and About in the Kerryverse - asking people not unlike us to stop blogging for our favorite Senator long enough to tell us a little bit about why they devote their keystrokes to democracy, justice, and really nice hair instead of, say, writing Harry Potter fanfiction.

For our first outing in the Kerryverse, we decided to talk with the creator of the Dynamic Dems website. We've been linking to her blog for months now, because we love her insights, but she's also got a lot more going on, including a line of politically-themed merchandise that's really creative - where else are those of you who actually make it to your rendezvous with the Lobstermen for Kerry going to get the proper undergarments?

So we hope you enjoy what our guest has to say, and if you'd like us to venture out into the Kerryverse and meet someone in particular, please drop us a line!

wljk: Tell us a little bit about your site. What does the name mean? What made you decide to start the site, and what are you hoping to do with it? And is that Batman?

DynamicDems: Sure is. Dynamic Dems is a take off on Dynamic Duo and the parody, ironically, was created during the primary. Something in the senator's vocal style and in his general manner reminded me of Batman: serious, honest and straight, but with a wry sense of humor. Watching Kerry and Edwards during the primary debates, something just clicked. John Edwards' upbeat message and his youthful good looks just cried "Boy Wonder." I also depicted Bush as the Joker and Cheney as the Penguin.

John Kerry still reminds me of Batman: a combination of the Adam West and the Michael Keaton characterizations. My site's tag line, "Never give up and Never Give In," was also inspired by the parody. The "Batman" TV series always ended on a cliffhanger with the heroes (having lost the current battle) about to be destroyed by the villains, while the voiceover asked, "Is it curtains for our Duo?" It never was, of course. Their loss was always a temporary setback. They always came back fighting. They never gave up, and in the end they won. But the show, as silly as it was in some respects, provided a powerful message: it's never just one battle. The fight against injustice is a constant struggle.

The focus of my site is on this fight for justice and fairness. The site is
Kerry-friendly and I never link to any (sites) that aren't.

wljk: What made you decide to start designing DD gear? Have you always been a stuff-maker, or were you more recently inspired?

DynamicDems: I've always been into painting and drawing, but the online Kerry shop came about because I was angry about the nasty, anti-Kerry merchandise that started appearing in 2004. This was my way of contributing a more positive message, of letting people know that there was (and still is) a lot of support for John Kerry.

wljk: What quality do you admire most in John Kerry?

DynamicDems: His unwavering commitment to justice! John Kerry's the consummate advocate. He embodies compassion, integrity and leadership and his fight for justice and fairness is nonstop. He's fought for us for over 35 years. I'm both humbled and inspired by his determination and by the integrity he has shown over the years. He isn't just Atlas balancing the world on his shoulders, he's bench-pressing it above his head. Now, that's commitment!

wljk: We noticed that you sometimes use the term "Kerrycrat" on your site and blog. What is your definition of a Kerrycrat?

DynamicDems: Kerrycrat is a political camp identifier, but I think it has come to mean much more. At least it has for me. Sure, it's about promoting John Kerry's positive agenda for our country but it is also about leadership and inspiration. We're bound together by shared values and by an optimistic outlook. Since the election, the term has taken on a deeper meaning because Kerrycrats have stood strong and unwavering in our dedication. To be a Kerrycrat, means we're in it for the duration. I feel the term is a badge of honor. To borrow from an old expression: when the going gets tough, the Kerrycrats get going.

wljk: How would you like to see Kerrycrats unite and how do you see their mission, now and in the future?

DynamicDems: Now: the Kerrycrat mission is exactly the same as Senator Kerry's: take back our country by promoting progressive candidates at all levels of government. For the future, I'd like to see Kerrycrats become the beginnings of a movement, a wave of grassroots support for a positive and pro-active agenda, promoting what Senator Kerry (and hopefully President Kerry) stands for. I'd like to see Kerrycrats at the forefront of heralding in what future generations will call "The Kerry Era."

wljk: Would you like to see John Kerry run for president again in 2008? Pretend you're a strategist and tell us what do you think a central theme of his campaign should be.

DynamicDems: Yes! John Kerry is the most qualified to lead the fight and he's the most qualified to lead our country. The last election forged the steel that he's always had at his core. Contrary to popular rhetoric, his campaign did very well in a nearly impossible situation. It was a damn good showing first time out, especially for someone who came from the back of the pack. I think he'll be more than ready for what they hit him with next time. I honestly don't see anyone else there who would be able to withstand the heat as well as Senator Kerry can.

For a central theme, I'm partial to something on the idea of, "Together we can make it right." The Senator should continue to frame his language in terms that the average American can relate to. He's been doing a great job of this lately, and new terms will be needed to market a 2008 campaign. The senator needs to co-opt the language of the debate early on. Bush didn't know squat about the issues but he said the same things over and over and over again until Americans internalized his words and start humming his tune like a song on the radio.

wljk: And, finally, just for the purposes of this blog: Do you love John Kerry?

DynamicDems: Absolutely! Doesn't everybody?