Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's Cocktail Hour Here at We Love John Kerry!

Today the Washington Post printed some fun gossip. Are you ready? John Kerry can eat a lot.

BFD. I am roughly pocket-sized, but I know my way around a bread basket. I think the WaPo approached this story from an entirely boring angle. And since when is the Road to Gluttony paved with radicchio?

The fact that JK and THK like to have cocktails on Thursday, however, is fantastic. I know Democratic drinking is just the sort of thing the RW blogosphere likes to poke fun at, but I find it really delightful and sort of college.

Or maybe it's just a normal, grown-up sort of thing to do. I wouldn't know.

And is it tiresomely obvious for Kerry fangirl to argue for the superiority of the Frenchified mojito, or "momo," over the Cuban version? For aesthtics alone, I adore the momo, and, have always felt that, if you're going to drink, for heaven's sake, you might as well try to be stylish about it.

And so, should you want a beverage as you peruse your blogroll this summery saturday night, here is a recipe for the Very Lovely French Momo:

Start with 6 large mint leaves - chopped a bit if you're a lazy muddler like me - and 2 teaspoons sugar or 1 tablespoon simple syrup. Lightly muddle with a bit of soda water in a mixing glass or shaker. Add 1.5 oz. light rum and the juice of one lime. Shake over ice. Strain into your highball over yet more ice. Add half an ounce of Chambord and let it sink to the bottom. Admire the loveliness of your cocktail. Enjoy, and remember - don't drink and vote!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

John Kerry Rocks! Something Must Be Done! And Quick!

According to an email I read yesterday from John Kerry's press office, on Wednesday, "the Office of the Secretary of Defense distributed a 74-page' debate prep book' to arm Republicans with material to help them defend the Bush Administration's Iraq policies in the Congressional debate on Iraq."

I'm trying to be more bipartisan lately, since, after all, admiration for a particular Senator's hair and height does not a political ethos make, so instead of greeting the news of the How to Fight Dems Right Off Their Precious, Peacenik Moral High Ground Manual with a hearty, "OMG WTF??? RUMMY, YOU A$$CLOWN," I tried to have some sympathy for the other side.

And lo and behold, I have a lot of sympathy - at least, for the poor interns who had to type, copy, and distribute that crap.

I also tried to have some sympathy for the poor Republican Senators (all a$$hat, no a$$cattle) who are feeling the pressure of that looming amendment to set a timetable in Iraq. Note to Republican Senators/future emperors: Rome wasn't built in a day. Squelching principled dissent is hard work!

You can read about the kerfuffle at the Democratic Daily, and if you want something visual (that's really TOO abysmal), you can check out JK's reaction to yesterday's phony debate by watching our video. Following that, don't miss the Dynamic Dems take on the sad situation.

So, if you're paying attention (or letting us pay attention for you) one thing has become clear: John Kerry is becoming a real problem. He will not shut up. He will not go away. He will not stop being an excellent, impassioned writer. And normally, for all this, I would cheer him on like a good groupie, but in the interest of bipartisanship, I have to remember that John Kerry's principled stances are pissing off both the right and the left, and I need to be a good citizen and DO something about this mad genius with his Senate resolutions and his Vineyard Vines Ties!

Which brings me to the point of this blog entry: to announce my intent to establish a new 527: The Fear Of John Kerry Political Action Committee. Not to be confused with the Friends of John Kerry PAC, which is just turning out to be a big enabler in the pernicious process of John Kerry SPEAKING and the American people LISTENING.

The mission of Fear of John Kerry is simple. I wish to provide Kerry-Fearers on the right and left with the following:

  • Smelling salts for those pesky vapors that seem to occur when John Kerry out-fundraises, oh, EVERYONE. Again.

  • A ginormous cane with which Harry Reid or his designee may yank John Kerry off the Senate floor any time he is speaking with too much intelligence, common sense, and/or moral authority.

  • Hackers to reduce the size of his email list.

  • Studio time for the right to record its hit song, "The Terror, Terror, 9-11 Cut and Run Serenade"

  • And, for every potential voter, a "John Kerry Irrelevance Kit," which includes: ear plugs for his tv and radio appearances, scissors for cutting his op-eds from newspapers, a pair of dark glasses to dull his dazzling smile, a picture of him windsurfing to remind us of his one great crime against humanity, and a lifetime subscription to The New Republic.

I hope you will all join me. We need to act fast, because John Kerry may save us if we let him. Can't have that.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nail-biter in Virginia

The polls closed in Virginia a bit over an hour ago, and Kerry lovers are on tenterhooks, pins and needles, or the edges of our seats, depending on personal preference. The lead in the Democratic primary keeps going back and forth between Miller and Webb. Why do we care so much? Merely because John Kerry endorsed Jim Webb? Well, yes, but it wasn't merely an endorsement. (Nor was it the fact that none of us were thrilled with Miller's condescending dismissal of Kerry's endorsement of Webb.) It was one of those jaw-dropping and then heartwarming endorsements, the kind that makes you sit up and take notice and then become emotionally invested in the outcome. See, back when JK testified before the Senate in 1971, Jim Webb was one of the people who was not at all happy about it. He made that clear in a column he wrote back in 2004: He did condemn the Swift Boat Liars, it's true, and we want to give credit where it's due for that -- but he also criticized JK for that testimony. Then there was the fact that, according to reports, he refused to shake JK's hand for 20 years because of his Senate testimony. He went on to vote for JK in the election, which helps, but still, there's only so much Kerry-dissing we can take.

Bottom line, when the Miller/Webb contest started heating up, a lot of Kerrycrats were not happy about Webb -- to put it mildly. Some of us snarked about Webb in public discussion threads. One thing you can say about Kerrycrats, we're loyal to our man. And then we heard that JK and Jim Webb had had a couple of long, heart-to-heart conversations and settled their differences, and that JK had agreed to endorse Webb. And why is that totally cool? Because finding the common ground, overcoming differences and focusing on getting the job done is what John Kerry is all about. John Kerry doesn't hold grudges; he holds a set of ideals. He isn't about living in the past, but about working for the future. If anyone could sit down with someone who refused to shake his hand for decades and help find enough common ground so that the two would end up feeling proud to campaign together, it's John Kerry. Obviously, Jim Webb is quite impressive too for being big enough to set aside differences and focus on what needs to be done, but around here, we're a wee bit partial to Kerry.

So there's a lot to be excited about. Pundits say that JK's endorsement may well be the factor that puts it over the top for Webb. I like to think that the Universe responds to positive efforts, at least sometimes, and JK's determination to build bridges and work things out with people would surely qualify as something that merits a positive response.

You can follow the action here: Virginia election results Click frequently for updates and curse or squee as appropriate; I've already crossed myself at least twice.

Or go to the DailyKos diary where it's being liveblogged. You can almost smell the adrenaline.

UPDATE: Webb won!!!! The final DKos post is here. Looking at the results, now it seems as if Webb won it in a walk. But for a while there it was going up and down, with Miller a few points ahead of Webb and then the lead switching back and forth. *whew*